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PH and HD models differences

The bolster seats are available in a recreational or professional series. The professional series is rated for two and a half times the impact loads of the recreational series. These are designed for use in military, rescue or racing.

Each series is available in a one or two person model. The two person model is generally used for center console boats.

Each series is also available in a standard or tall model. The tall model has 6" longer seat base legs. The standard model fits shallow cockpit boats, and the tall model fits the deeper cockpit boats.

Bolster seats can be custom built to fit special applications.

The bolster seats features an all stainless steel tubular frame and fasteners. Heavy marine grade vinyl is used for the upholstery. Each leg has three 1/2 bolts securing it to the deck. Exceeds ABYC Standards. The one man recreational bolster seats are rated at 8 g's vertical and 3 g's lateral. The one man professional seats are rated at 17 g's vertical and 8 g's lateral. (Assuming a 200 pound man).

Operation Description:

The following three positions are available:

1, conventional seating (back down and seat base horizontal)
2. Lean into bolster (back down and seat base vertical)
3. Stand up bolster (back up and seat base vertical)

The seat base is changed from one position to the other by gripping the front of the seat base and pivoting it up or down. Pushing on it will release the snap clips holding it. After pivoting, the snap clips will hold it in place.
The seat back is moved to the upper position by gripping the side handles and pulling the seat back up and forward until the hooks are engaged and latched. Latches are spring loaded and will engage automatically. To lower the seat back, release the latches, pull the seat back up to disengage the hook, then move it aft while lowering it until the collars drop into their notches.