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    Bargain basement;

    These bolster seats are used demo's, obsolete models, and/or used in boats. They are sometimes dirty and worn.
       Metal is stainless steel and can be cleaned and polished. Upholstery can be replaced or used as is.
       Bolster seats are complete and operational. Seats can be disassembled and shipped UPS.
       Shipping from $50 to $125 per seat. Sold as-is. No returns. Click on boxes for more photos and specs.

                Ph2-18 White and tan - set of two - used in boat for five years - $750 for two.    Ph1-18 photos

                Lt1-24 White and blue - one available - high back with like new upholstery - $350.     LT1-24 photos and specs

                Lt1-24 Olive - one available - skinny upholstery - $250.   Lt1-24 olive photo and specs

                Lt1-18 White - one available - dirty - $100.00    Lt1-18 photos

                Lt1-18 White in box - one available -$200.00     Lt1-18 photo and specs

                Lt1-18 frames - no upholstery, wood or foam. Stainless steel frames only. $150.00 for two. Lt1-18 frame photo and specs

                AM Prototype Pedestals - 4 available, foot lever operated, 11" travel, new, high strength, for bolsters, seats, tables, etc.,
                    pedestals lean forward at a 6 degree angle, $200 each         pedestal photos
















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